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Chilombo Chinga

I am Chilombo Chinga, was born in 1959 and am a widow. I went through a very hard time when my twin babies were ill and passed away a couple of years ago. I grew up in an extremely poor family and was unable to attend school. It is a real privilege to now be able to send my surviving children to school with the income I earn through Hope Art, not to mention the joy of providing food for them. Thank you for caring.

Ireen Kawele

My name is Ireen Kawele and I was born in 1958. My husband passed away in 2005. Prior to my involvement with Hope Art I had no income and I struggled daily to support the 8 orphans left in my care by family members. It was very difficult for me when they cried for food and I wasn’t able to provide. I am so grateful that now with the money I earn through Hope Art, I am able to care for and educate these children and look after my own health. Thank you for your support.

Paxina Nayoto

My name is Paxina Nayoto, born in 1965 and have 4 children. Before starting to work at Hope Art I tried a variety of jobs, but I still struggled to provide for my children. I now appreciate the steady income I receive through Hope Art each month. I am glad that I can use the talent God gave me and have been able to improve my sewing skills.


Rosemary Lubongo

I am Rosemary Lubongo, born in 1968. I am the team leader of Hope Art Mongu and I enjoy learning new skills and developing my leadership abilities. Fortunately, my husband is able to provide for our family, so I have the privilege to use my earnings from Hope Art to support the many needy families and children in my community. Thank you so much for your contribution to Hope Art. Together we can make a significant impact in Western Zambia!

Sarie Stuurman

I’m Sarie Stuurman and I was born in 1973. I had a very hard time when I was younger and was turned out of my house. I was able to go to Cape Town after a few years and find work but was taken advantage of and lost my car and home, leaving me with nothing. After a few very hard years and a bad divorce with my husband, I moved to Wilderness Heights and found the love of my life in 2014. I went to Hope Church and my husband and I were saved there. I started working for Hope Art in 2016 and am finding so much purpose in helping to give hope to children in Western Zambia.

Anna Mutango

I am Anna Mutango and I was born in 1984. I have three children, all girls, and I also help to provide for my elderly mother. Being a single mom has been very difficult for me as I was not able to go to school and struggled to find work because of it. Since joining Hope Art, I have been able to buy food for my family and pay rent on a home for us to stay in. I hope to save enough money to one day be able to buy a plot and build a home for me and my family to stay in. I love getting to be a part of Hope Art and live in community with the other Hope Art artisans.

Brenda Plaatjies 

I am Brenda Plaatjies and I was born in 1994. My parents struggled with their health from when I was very young so I helped to care and provide for them when I was growing up. They both passed away by the time I was 20 years old and had just had my first son. I started going to church in 2015 and found a relationship with Jesus, changing my life and giving me a brighter future. I love working with Hope Art and having such an amazing support system in these women.


Hendrieka Coerries

My name is Hendrieka Coerries, born in 1987 in George, South Africa. I had a hard home life and had to help care for my family from a very young age. After moving out and going through a string of bad relationships, I fell pregnant three times, was out of a job, alone, and struggling to provide for my children. I moved back to George to find work and prayed and prayed for a job. I went to Hope Church in Wilderness Heights and was immediately offered a job working with Hope Art in 2016. I am now able to provide for my children’s needs and am so privileged to also help provide for children in Western Zambia.

Sombo Chilefwe

I am lame, and it’s very difficult to find money especially if you are taking care of six orphans with many needs. I suffered a lot.  Hope Art has really changed my life as you heard how I struggled at the beginning with my life and looking after orphans. Now I am okay because I am able to find food, water and also the money to use for other family needs.


Felicity Diedericks

“I’ve always dreamt of doing work that helps people and I get to do that every day.”
Felicity’s parents passed away when she was very young. Felicity’s oldest sister agreed to take them into her care. At the age of 15, Felicity fell pregnant and dropped out of school. She then ran away from home to Willowmore. There she met her husband Sarel. They moved to George with hopes of a better life but Sarel was unable to keep a steady job. Felicity started coming to Hope Church Wilderness Heights and was asked to join the Hope Art team. She is now able to support her family and give her children a better future.

Ireen Lisibani

My name is Ireen Lisibani, I am 51 years old and support my 5 children, members of my family and my husband who doesn’t have work. Life was not easy before I joined Hope Art in 2012, I used to sell rice to try earn an income for my family.  Since joining Hope I have received Jesus Christ, I am able to send my children to school and put food on the table. I am very grateful for being able to work at Hope Art.

Anneline Twigg 

My name is Anneline Twigg and I grew up in Wilderness Heights. My parents separated when I was very young.  After having my third child, I decided to leave my abusive boyfriend and live on my own with my children. In December of 2016, I was diagnosed with Lupus. As a result, I was admitted to hospital for almost a year. Fully recovered after lots of chemo and prayer, I joined Hope Art  and learnt how to sew. This means that I am now able to support myself and my three beautiful boys.

After being unemployed for almost a year due to my illness, working at Hope Art has given me purpose and made me very happy.