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Village of Hope



Thousands of people living in Western Zambia have never heard the name of Jesus. Because of this, these people live in desperate circumstances, without hope and in spiritual darkness! The Zambia Project, in Western Zambia, takes the Gospel to where it has not yet been heard and endeavours to uplift communities through various initiatives. Village of Hope – Mongu is one of the initiatives that falls under the Zambia Project.




Most communities do not have a continuous source of safe drinking water. Countless children are dying from malnutrition and the majority of people have never had access to any form of medical care. Literacy levels in the rural communities are lower than 8%. In Western Zambia, HIV/Aids, Malaria and TB have left over 100 000 orphans in vulnerable situations with no food and shelter.


orphan-boyOUR MISSION

“At the VILLAGE OF HOPE – MONGU, our mission is to bring lasting hope to children at risk, so that they can embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of society.”

Mongu is the main centre in Western Zambia. We have established a community school there for orphaned and vulnerable children, and those without homes are housed in loving Christian families. We also run a rehabilitation centre, called “Save a Life” where malnourished children and babies are cared for.

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