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Sling Bags

Hope Art’s sling bags are fun, beautiful, comfortable to carry and really versatile, to be used for any occasion. Just slip one over your shoulder and away you go

Each bag has two front pockets useful to quickly access things like car keys or a pen. There are also three small interior side pockets which are perfect for your phone and other small bits that usually end up in the bottom of your bag.

The sling bags are fully lined and the lining is interfaced to give the bag extra body. The tie closure secures your contents allowing the bag to expand to accommodate larger items such as a book or a light sweater.

The colorful African print cotton fabric used to make the sling bags is commonly known in Zambia as ‘chetengies’ and are bought from our local market and small shops in town. Chetengies are (6,74″) 2m in length and are traditionally worn by women, by wrapping the material around themselves to form a skirt, or as a sling to carry their babies. There are hundreds of different chetengies available and we seldom find more than one chitengi with the same color print and pattern. We are only able to make 2 bags from each chitengi, so when you place your order and you refer to a certain bag in our catalogue, we will do our best to source the same or similar chitengi to your choice. Alternatively, just give us your color combination preferences. The actual item you receive will be a surprise and a unique piece that we feel sure you will love!

Care instructions – dry clean only.

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