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Life Bracelets

The women delight in choosing significant words from magazines to roll into beads. The actual words on the beads of the Life bracelets will be a surprise to you! A surprise that we trust you will love!

When ordering your Life Bracelets, you can choose to have an accent bead in a specific color in-between the magazine beads to give your bracelets an overall color

Each Life bracelet is strung with one Hope Art logo bead. Let us know if you want us to replace Hope Art’s logo with your logo, or message. If so, we require that you order a minimum amount of 10 bracelets.

Please specify sizes: x-small (fits 16cm wrist), small (fits 17.5cm wrist), medium (fits 19.5 wrist), large (fits 20.5cm wrist), x-large (fits 22cm wrist).

Also let us know if your Life bracelets need to be designed as unisex, or for men. Life Bracelets are loved by both men and women and always draw lots of attention!

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