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Use Hope Art items to give hope to your Cause:

Do you need to raise funds for your upcoming outreach trip, school, sports team, church, or some other worthwhile cause? Hope Art can assist you with your fundraiser! Here’s how:

  • You provide information concerning the nature of your fundraiser, the target amount you hope to raise and time frame.
  • Upon evaluation and acceptance of your proposal we will require a responsible contact person to liaise with.
  • Hope Art will despatch the items to you as arranged and your network of people find creative ways to sell the items.
  • Upon completion of the sales, you retain the predetermined amount agreed to and deposit Hope Art’s portion of the funds into our bank account. All unsold items will be returned to Hope Art at your expense.

It is that simple! There is no financial risk to your organization! The impoverished Zambian crafters earn an income and 100% of the profits earned for Hope Art are invested into the Village of Hope to bring sustainable care and hope to children in need. Everyone benefits while awareness is raised for both Hope Art and your cause!

Please feel free to contact Marinette at [email protected] with any questions you may still have.

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